Intermediate English, Personality Development, Business Communication Training and Grammar Courses

Public Speaking and Soft Skills Training.

Learn to present and assess the need of the situation considering technical details; including vocal tone, body language, facial expressions and mastering timing.

Learn effective delivery of speeches and public talks, small talks, conversation starters in professional presentations, training events, motivational speaking, and carry out any kind of engaging communication with clear articulation and confidence.

Social and Business Communication

Engaging students to master in holding communication within a social group, practicing and demonstrating linguistic skills within a business environment.

Personality Development

The aim of teaching a new language does not cease at learning just a language but, entails to develop humanitarian views, and develop open-minded individuals, to learn with inquiry and recognise their power and excel through the various skills and knowledge to create a better life for oneself.

Diction Training

Learn to enhance your voice and reduce vernacular accent. We'll train you to have a richer tone, good diction and proper pronunciation with appropriate speech tutoring.


Be a grammarian with easy tutoring on spelling words correctly, punctuating like a pro, sentence formation and organization of texts. Our course dubee into the intricacies of the English Language and Grammar Skills.


Teaching and training to enable everyone to express confidently and creatively in multiple ways. We collaborate effectively by teaching through individual needs devoting to make our learners less than a 'Vocab Wizard'Sir Wizard.